Some time has passed since our last release. We have been working really hard to create new functions and features for our application. The most important one is described in this article.

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If you already use our rule engine, you have certainly come up with one of the main advantages…

Decision tables are the most used way of creating rules. For this reason, we are adding a new operator, which is Functions.

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The basic concept of creating rules in tables remains the same. The only significant change is at operator selection, where are three of them instead of the original…

It is almost 3 weeks since our last release in DecisionRules, so that's the right time for more features.

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May is a time of year when nature is waking up, trees are blooming, and the weather is getting better (in central Europe). …

We will bring you a series of articles to show how to use DecisionRules in a real environment for real situations. In this article, we are going to operate in a corporate financial world.

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DecisionRules can be used for solving several different tasks typical for financial or insurance institutions. In…

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DecisionRules is designed to be your rules engine, making your day-to-day analyses and procedures easier, running your business more efficiently and smoothly. DecicionRules allows you to know what customers are eligible for certain products, which prices to apply under certain circumstances, and much more. …

JavaScript-based code editor to make your own rule at any complexity.

Scripting rule example —

Our latest release in April allows you to create more complex and advanced rules than before. However, tables are easy and simple to use. There is a disadvantage that can’t execute all the rules because of their complexity. …

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Have you ever had to change business rules in your organization and it took more days to implement? If your answer is YES, DecisionRules is a tool you should have!

Business rule engine that lets you create and deploy business rules in a secure and scalable cloud.

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