It is almost 3 weeks since our last release in DecisionRules, so that's the right time for more features.

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May is a time of year when nature is waking up, trees are blooming, and the weather is getting better (in central Europe). In this nice part of the year, our team is getting inspiration and creating new features that help our users be even more productive than ever before.

May 2021 1st release

The first release of this month was right at the beginning, where we added a couple of small changes and one bigger one, let’s dive into them right away.

Debug mode…

We will bring you a series of articles to show how to use DecisionRules in a real environment for real situations. In this article, we are going to operate in a corporate financial world.

Photo by Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash.

DecisionRules can be used for solving several different tasks typical for financial or insurance institutions. In our case, we will focus on a general retail bank where one of the primary goals is to offer an appropriate product at the right time to the right client. In this particular example, we will use DecisionRules to solve it.

What is product offer?

We consider the product offer…

Photo by Enrique Ortega Miranda on Unsplash.

DecisionRules is designed to be your rules engine, making your day-to-day analyses and procedures easier, running your business more efficiently and smoothly. DecicionRules allows you to know what customers are eligible for certain products, which prices to apply under certain circumstances, and much more. It is a powerful tool which can make 100k decision in a minute.

After a short introduction of DecisionRules, let’s start with account setup and connecting our tool from NodeJS.

At first, we need to sign up for DecisionRules if you do not have your account already. Go to our homepage, where you press Sign Up…

JavaScript-based code editor to make your own rule at any complexity.

Scripting rule example —

Our latest release in April allows you to create more complex and advanced rules than before. However, tables are easy and simple to use. There is a disadvantage that can’t execute all the rules because of their complexity. Simpleness and convenience are key for making our tool easy and fast to deploy in our user's environment.

Why JavaScript? 🔎

The answer is simple, and JavaScript is a widely used scripting language easy to learn and use. As we mentioned before, we aim to make our rule engine as simple…

DecisionRules logo

Have you ever had to change business rules in your organization and it took more days to implement? If your answer is YES, DecisionRules is a tool you should have!

Business rule engine that lets you create and deploy business rules in a secure and scalable cloud.

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